Monday, January 18, 2010

"Chucks" and Life Lessons

I recently finally caved in to Bonnie's superior fashion sense and purchased my first set of "Chucks" - the Converse Original All Star Sneaker. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoy wearing them; I almost wake up in the morning looking forward to putting them on! As I contemplated and laughed a little about how much I liked my new shoes, it brought back a memory from years ago:

Once a year or so, Pop would take us down to Montano's shoe store and buy us a new set of boots. You would sit down in a chair and as the salesman found you a set of boots, old Mr Montano himself always stopped by to personally ensure they fit properly. He used to go down the line of Segreti boys feeling each boot, asking how they felt. Once he was done and Pop's wallet was considerably lighter, you walked out of the store on top of the world in your new boots. That night as you prepared for bed, you put the new boots in the place of honor, right on the foot of the bed, so they "wouldn't get dirty on the floor overnight". In the morning, as you woke up at 4am for the paper route, you groaned and protested until you remembered, "THE NEW BOOTS!!" You rushed to get dressed, grabbed the boots, put them on and then slowly, almost reverently, laced them up. Yes, the new boots were magical thing.

As I pondered this memory, it struck me: When did I stop feeling that way about the little things in life? When did I start having to go faster, go farther, spend more and save less, eat more and exercise less, drive more and walk less, watch TV more and talk with others less? When did it become more, more, MORE?!?! When did life become about the next great thing and less about the small joys?  When did I fill my world with distraction and stop listening to the still quiet Voice?

So here is my challenge to you: Find one thing in your life and think about it for 5 minutes. That's it - 5 minutes. It can be anything, just think about it and what it means to you. Maybe tell us about it in the comments. Then praise God for it, because He is in the small things and He delights in us enjoying them.

As for me? I've got my new "Chucks" and I'm gonna look forward to that first moment when I put them on in the morning!

I might even sneak them onto the foot of the bed tonight!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

First Post - Family Pic

Hello, welcome to my blog, The Average Joe!

I'd like to give a shout out to Paul Rogers for introduced me to blogging and showing me the basics of the process. Thanks Paul!

On my blog I'm going to share pictures, events, stories and the odd random thought or two from the Segreti family life. Enjoy!